Deco Pillow Game Blue

The Deco Pillow in a serene blue soft decor fabric serves as the perfect companion to the Lounge Chair Bean Bag, creating a harmonious and inviting seating area. The tranquil blue color complements the bean bag by introducing a soothing and cohesive aesthetic.
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Estimated delivery date 2024/04/25
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Premium Quality

Handmade in EU

Wear & Tear Resistant

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Introducing the Deco Pillow Game Blue

The Deco Pillow in a timeless beige soft decor fabric serves as an ideal complement to the lounge chair bean bag, creating an inviting and versatile seating arrangement. The neutral beige color effortlessly harmonizes with the bean bag, imparting a warm and cohesive aesthetic to the space.

The plush texture of the soft decor fabric enhances the lounge chair’s overall comfort, providing a delightful and relaxing space for unwinding. With careful consideration of color harmony, size proportion, and consistent style, the pairing achieves a seamless blend of comfort and style, making the Lounge Chair Bean Bag and Deco Pillow perfect for a chic and inviting living space.

Product Details

One size – dimensions 47×47 cm.
Easy-Care – removable and washable cover.
Premium quality – made from soft and durable decor fabric.
Filling – premium high-quality anti-allergic polyfiber filling.