Why it's good to foster an older dog?!

2/3/2016 11:32 AM

We do not know if you know, but November is a month of adopting older dogs. For this reason we decided that the stars of our Christmas campaign will be dogs who  found a home and who enriched the lives of their owners despite being old. We will publish their stories in order to encourage others to make a similar move. Almost all these stories are incredible, full of love, and they are wonderful examples of friendship and loyalty between man and dog. If this action inspires someone and if we save even one dog, all of this will make sense.

Did you know that older dogs wait much longer for their "forever home" than the puppies, which is ridiculous because older dogs are often a better choice for fostering because of their maturity and life experience. Older dogs are usually trained andthey  have a certain form of behavior that we all want for our pets to have. Have you ever wondered how sad they might be while waiting for someone to come and get them ?! And imagine that there are dogs who felt how it is to belong to a family and then they were abandoned...


This are special muzzles that can enter into your life and give you endless love and joy. They're looking for so little and they give so much. And yes, we know that most of you dream of a little sweet puppy, but here are a few reasons that will make you think that you should give a home to an elderly snout:

• Unlike puppies, adult dogs have lived with families for many year and they  are accustomed to living with people and most of them respond to basic commands

• Older dogs are less destructive and they don't bite shoes and furniture. The chances of your dog tipping over a pot of flowers or destroying your favorite shoes are minimal

• There is one rule with older dogs: what you see is what you get. No surprises about the color of hair and the dog comes with its history which is much more predictable than taking an 8 week old puppy.

• You can show you older dog new tricks and that will often be more successful than with puppies because older dogs are more focused on the task and have a great desire to please people

• Older pets are grateful for your kindness. They quickly show a higher level of loyalty and love that is unique to animals that are adopted at an older age

• Almost without exception, people who adopt older animals have a special sense of pride and purpose in life of their pet.

Doing a good thing will really make you feel good! 

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Snježana Aranđelović