What to look for when choosing a bed for your pet?

2/3/2016 10:24 AM


You enjoy having fun and playing with your dog, you want to give him all the best, quality of food, toys and comfort while he is walking, resting or sleeping. Dogs are very sleepy and like all of us they need a comfortable bed and its quality in order for them  to be more relaxed and happier after bedtime. However, not every bed is ideal and good enough for your dog.

Learn how to choose the features and benefits that bring a quality bed for your dog:

Filling the beds - we recommend charging 100% siliconized polyester balls whose main characteristic is that they are evenly distributed throughout the bed and they of course provide perfect comfort for your dog.

Protecting charging - the highest quality material is waterproof microfibre that protects the filling airtime and it's better and stronger than nylon. Also, you don't have to wash it, but you simply have to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Cotton cover - to complement the look and functionality, we recommend high-designed 100% cotton covers that are easy to remove, wash and maintain.

Thickness of beds – you should especially pay attention to the thickness of the beds because it varies in proportion depending on the size and weight of your dog.

Design capacity - except functionality, appearance is always important, so we recommend you to choose a bed that will look amazing and that will fit in the space of your home and which you won't have to hide from your guests J

In the end the most important thing is to make your pet happy. With carefully selected high quality bed you can solve two problems at once – you can make you dog happy and brighten the space where he resides.  In our Qushin collection we offer a lot of different pillows that are adjusted to your dog.

We made sure that every dog, regardless of size, weight or space where he lives, can safely enjoy resting and sleeping on his high quality and comfortable bed. 

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Snježana Aranđelović