How to choose the size of your Qushin dog pillow?!

2/26/2017 9:46 PM

You are not sure which size of the Qushin dog pillow to choose?! Don't worry, you are not the only ones. So we are here to help you in making the right decision.

The size of your dog's pillow surely has to fit his size. For example, if your dog is in a standing position, measure the length from the top of his nose to the basis of his tail and from the floor to his shoulders or head. This will give you an average length and width of the pillow. Besides this, we recommend that you measure your dog in his favourite sleeping position.

The right size of the Qushin pillow that will fit to your dog is slightly bigger than his size. Also, if your dog is still growing, we recommend that you provide him a bed woth enough space for growth and movement, which, besides the quality, should be the main reason in making your choice.

We hope that the pictures of different dog breeds on our Qushin will help you choose the adequate size for your best friend.


Size S/M, dimensions 55*75*13  (width/length/hight) – for dogs up to 15 kg


Size M/L, dimensions 70*95*14 (width/length/hight) – for dogs up to 40 kg


Size L/XL, dimensions 85*115*15 cm (width/length/hight) – for dogs up to 70 kg


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Iva Goluža