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2/10/2016 9:11 AM

Valentine's Day is coming, the day when we show love to the ones we care about. Although it is primarily a day reserved for the people,  we will remind you that on that day you mustn't forget  about your four-legged best friend.

There is a saying by an unknown author: "The perfectly selfless friend, the only one a man can have in this selfish world, the one who never leaves, the one that's never ungrateful or deceptive, it's his dog." He waits for me,that soft muzzle always waits at the door, he gives me heart with his eyes, he doesn't know now to speak, but he barks !!!

It's hard to explain the special relationship that a man and a dog have, but we will try to do that in a couple of examples in order to show you why we love dogs.

Love!!! Dog is waiting at the door as soon as he hears the sound of your shoes, car or us entering the lift (even if we live on the 5th floor). As soon as you enter the apartment, he is so happy to see you that his movements look like he is dancing the dance of happiness. Whether you forgot to wash your hair that day, or if you ate a large portion of kebabs with onion or if you simply woke up on the left foot.. He only wants you. He loves you unconditionally. This is the biggest reason why we should love dogs.

Cheapest psychologist that you can have. Of course we all have days when we are sad and when we think that no one loves us. With a dog, you will always have a partner that makes you feel better. Why? Because dogs love to snuggle with you, put their head in your lap and let you know that no matter what happens they will be there to love you.

We live in a world of computers, TVs, we spend most days sitting and sometimes it's really hard to motivate ourselfes to go out and to enjoy  the fresh air or to simply live a healthy and active life. However, when you take the leash and go to the door, the happiness on their snout is invaluable. A walk in the fresh air, playing with other dogs, running ... I do not even feel like I'm exercising. :)

Dog doesn't really matter whether your cooking is on Michelin stars level,  or if you don't even know how to cook an egg. They just love you for who you are. They will eat whatever you offer (of course it would be the best that it's something adapted to them).

"Man's only selfless friend in this selfish world, the only one who never leaves, the only one who will never prove that's ungrateful and that will never betray him-  is his dog. He will stand faithfully by his side even if he is rich or poor, in good times and in bad ones.  He would sleep on the cold ground, the icy winds and snow just to be with his master. And he will love the hand that can not offer him food, he will lick the wounds caused by a contact with the cruelty of the world. He treats his poor master like a prince. He will stay with him even if everyone leaves. "

Because of all of that, you should appreciate that unconditional friendship as much as you can, and you should never forget to show your favourite snouts how much you love them.


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Iva Goluža